Sunday, January 11, 2009

Together Green

The other day Ryan and I set up to do some art, and there in the newspaper Ryan had spread on the paper was an ad for an art exhibition at the Arts centre in Mission. The theme is Livining with the Forest, and anyone could enter. Since we didn't have anything done with that theme, we decided to pull together and get something done in the 3 days before the deadline. I had two days off, so thus we pulled out everything we had to get it done.

We submitted them yesterday, so hopefully we'll hear back today or tomorrow if they're accepted into the show. If they are, you'll HAVE to drive out here to see them, and maybe buy one of them.

Together Green
It's a 1 x 2.5 ft canvas roughly, all acrylic.

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Ashley said...

Sam this is amazing. I'm so impressed with your talent. Did it end up in the show? Very well done.