Thursday, January 15, 2009

Art show.

Our pieces were accepted into the art show at the Mission Arts Centre.
They're for sale and sitting in a little gallery. Woo hoot.

I feel proud that it was accepted, that a piece of my work is up on a wall where people are looking at it.....but at the same time, it disappoints me and I'm embarrassed by it.

I don't like that this is the first impression of my work in the art community here. It's not that I feel it is bad and that I'm a 'bad artist'. With all the pressure of time constraints and challenges, it isn't anything near what I had in mind for the idea. I feel that it lacks any creative originality or artistic emotion. It's nice yes, the basic idea is portrayed...but all the emotion and feeling behind why I drew the original sketch is lost in the typical colours, lighting. It's simple. Basic. Empty.

I just wanted to do so much more.

Ps. Ryan is so amazingly talented. He just started drawing again after 14 or so years in May. Now look at him! He just got his first portrait commission. I'm so happy for him. It motivates me to get myself going if I'm ever going to make something happen with art.


Angie Pants said...

Fucking go Ryan.

Also, well done Sam! I think your pieces are beautiful. Don't be so hard on yourself!

samantha said...

I know. I am my worst critic, almost unnessarily hard at times.

But thank you! Ryan says thank you too!