Saturday, May 23, 2009


All they said was that the successful applicants would be notified the week of May 18. Not how, or when. So Monday goes by, Tuesday, Thursday negativity and doubt had settled upon me like a 300lb weight. I didn't sleep that night. On Friday morning I tried not to watch for the mailman, fearful of seeing him empty handed. Even worse, I didn't hear him come by.

As I left for work at one, I thought I had better check the box, just in case. Tears had pre-welled up in my eyes, believing the worst.

And there it fcuking was. A big white envelope. I, of course burst into tears of excitement.

I was accepted into the Illustration/Design program at Capilano University!
I have achieved one major step towards my dream. Now...I better get back to work.

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