Friday, May 1, 2009

Enter Stage 2

I spent a full 8 hours pouring over all my old sketchbooks, paintings, and art projects. I sweated and I fretted, but I got it done and submitted my portfolio early. Last week I received a phone call inviting me to the interview and testing day next week. This means I successfully made into the second stage of the process!

They get about 120-150 portfolios for the program every year, and from those they select 50 to be interviewed. And from that 50, thirty students are selected for the first year class. Based on those odds, my chances are still quite good, but I'm not going to celebrate just yet. I'm trying to focus on the 'Laws of Attraction' based on The Secret. Though I find the book almost silly and over-simplified...I figured I don't have much to lose by trying it...though if I'm accepted I hope it's based my talent and skill; not my 'willing and wishing' it into existance.

In other news, Ryan and I are starting a foster-to-adopt program for a beautiful young adult pit-bull next weekend! His name is Bronte, and he's 5-6 years old. Probably the sweetest dog ever.

Just cause I want to show him off, here's a photo I stole off his adoption webpage. I've become quite passionate over this last while about the issue of adopted vs pet store/backyard breeders, as well as the discrimination against pit-bulls. I wish I could take care of every lonely little furball out there. I'm sure that once we buy a house (with yard), I'm going to be the foster mumma of all time.


Angie Pants said...

You're a Mom and you're going to school?

Wow. I admire you.

samantha said...

Haha..well a Mom of animal children...which hasn't happened yet. The dog adoption world is making it very difficult for us to bring one home.