Saturday, January 8, 2011

Empathy Series

 The project was about creating awareness through a three piece series about your assigned illness/condition. The series is to include a poster, an information piece, and a portable display for trade shows. My objective was to create awareness that anxiety disorder is a very real illness, that not only can hinder your life, but can be treated. 

The Poster. Big thanks to Katie and the class for exploring their club-party vibes.

The Flyer. This is to be stacked beside normal concert/dj event flyers in universities, coffee shops, etc. The average young adult would never get caught with a brochure about a medical condition, so this was aimed to catch them off guard, and show that they (or even their friends) don't need to deal with their fears or anxieties.

The Portable Display. Designed to draw people into the booth at tradeshows to learn what new techniques can be used to help with Anxiety Disorder. 

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Anonymous said...

Damn. That anxiety one is great. Spot on.

P.S. This is Danny