Sunday, May 2, 2010

And so ends first year...

A recap on some of my favourite work this past term...

Style inspired by the legendary Ralph Steadman (demonstrated more in the writing style). 
Ink on Bristol.

CD cover for a Peter and the Wolf album. Acrylic on Illustration Board.

His name is Cheeto Man, you should Google him. Pretty awesome. Not.

Amelie Film logo in the style of Saul Bass. Ink on torn Paper.

Murder Mystery Illustration, Gouache and ink. 

 There's a couple pieces I still need to get back from my instructors, but these are some of the pieces I've had a lot of fun with. It's hard to believe first term is over, but I'm definitely ready for summer... Now I have free time to paint all my personal projects (the jellyfish will be completed!). 


Ashley said...

Sam! These are so cool! I love the new title too. Congratulations on finishing your first year, very inspiring. Enjoy your break!

samantha said...

Thank you! I don't think it'll be much of a break with working full time and filling the rest with painting...but it will be fun!